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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Lyn Franklin, I'm a fully trained and insured Aromatherapist and Reflexologist with over 20 years 'hands-on' experience.

I'm a full member of both the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA). Also a full member and board member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR).

I offer Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility and Maternity Reflexology from my tranquil home practice in central Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton & Esher). Alternatively, if you prefer, a home visit can be arranged.

As well as assisting people to manage the many stress related problems emanating from today's fast pace of life, my particular interest is in womens' health - menstrual irregularities such as PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis - peri/post menopause, preconception, pregnancy and post natal care.

Additionally I see couples seeking help whilst undergoing fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners - I'm qualified to work safely alongside IUI, IVF/ICSI protocols, frozen embryo transfer or donor cycles.

My treatments are not an alternative to seeing your Doctor or Fertility Consultant. I believe in integrative medicine where the two can work together in harmony - please always inform your medical caregiver that you are seeking my help.

"The body contains the inherent ability and intelligence to heal itself provided it is given the opportunity to do so."
Hippocrates, the 'Father of Medicine'
460 - 370BC

Therapies offered

Aromatherapy Massage
General Reflexology
Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

My location in Surbiton (2 mins walk from station)

My practice in Surbiton is easily accessible from Kingston, Thames Ditton and Esher. I'm a 2 minute walk from Surbiton Station and Waitrose where you can park for free for up to 2 hours. There are also Pay & Display meters locally and a Car Park close by in adjacent St.Philip's Road.

My approach

As an holistic therapist, I take into account all aspects of your diet and lifestyle that affect your well-being as well as specific symptoms and medical conditions. For this reason the initial consultation plays a vital role in creating your treatment programme. This would be geared to your needs using Aromatherapy Massage, General Reflexology, Fertility or Maternity Reflexology or a combination and may also include lifestyle and dietary recommendations, supplements and other tools.

My treatments are aimed at decreasing stress and reducing other negative effects that for example fertility issues, pregnancy, the menopause, insomnia, anxiety or back pain may be having on your life. The number of treatments required will vary upon individual circumstances and this will be discussed at your first appointment.

Appts. available 10am-8pm weekdays
10am-3pm Saturdays
Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility & Maternity Reflexology
in Surbiton, Surrey (Near Kingston, Thames Ditton and Esher)

If you would like to make an appointment or need any further information please call me on either 020 8399 5416 or 07801 240542 or to send an email Click here


"I didn't get my water birth, there wasn't time in the end it all happened so fast but the breathing techniques we spoke about helped me through most of it and I just had a bit of gas and air towards the end so much better than the first time round. Thank you so much for all your help in the lead up."
Kath, Kingston (Text message)

"Having made the decision to have IVF treatment, I wanted to give it the best shot possible. I’d done some research and heard that reflexology was beneficial in a number of ways. I found Lyn Franklin on the internet and as soon as I met her, knew I had found the right person to support me through treatment.

Lyn took the time to find out all about my situation and explained exactly what reflexology was and how it could help me. She patiently answered all my questions and tailored all her advice to me and my situation.

The treatment itself was fantastic! Incredibly relaxing and allowed me to totally zone out and clear my mind of all the pressures you find yourself under while going through this treatment. With every visit, Lyn would take time to find out how I was and what I needed from that treatment. I was also able to book a couple of aromatherapy back massages with Lyn, which I would highly recommend. She tailors the oils used to you and your specific circumstances and gives a fantastic massage that gets right into the muscles.

My visits to Lyn became a vital part of my treatment. Aside from the physical benefits and the ability to totally relax, I found a confidante in Lyn. I was able to tell her things I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone else and I always left feeling like a weight had been lifted. Knowing the emotional demands IVF treatment places on you, I can’t imagine having gone through this without having Lyn at my side.

Happily, my treatment worked on my second cycle, but my visits to Lyn will continue throughout my pregnancy and probably beyond."

Suzanne, Kingston

Fertility Reflexology for male partner "My wife had been seeing Lyn for recurrent miscarriages and after she had been given the all clear both privately and on the NHS, Lyn advised us to get my sperm tested privately for DNA defragmentation. As this is not currently recognised or offered on the NHS, we thought hard about Lyn’s advice, but in the end decided to proceed and this did come back with negative results. Lyn was convinced this was the cause of our miscarriages and advised us (and me in particular) to make a number of simple lifestyle changes (eg better diet, no caffeine, no beer etc) and have reflexology weekly for 10-12 weeks as this is how long it takes for sperm to regenerate fully. We followed her advice and the first month we tried for a baby (after the 12 weeks was complete) we fell pregnant and are now 22 weeks pregnant. My wife has been seeing Lyn on and off since 2012 and she provides sound, well researched advice and takes great care in all her clients. She also provides a very homely, tranquil environment in which to have the treatments. I would certainly recommend Lyn to others as by the end of my treatment I felt totally relaxed and much healthier."
Ian, Surbiton

Aromatherapy & Reflexology "I just wanted to say thank you very much for today! My mum really enjoyed her AromaReflex treatment and came out upbeat yet relaxed, so thank you! I think it's done her a world of good, we will be back!"
Tracie, Surbiton

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Lyn Franklin TIDHA, MIFPA, MAR, MARR, CNHC Registered Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology in Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton and Esher)

I offer Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility and Maternity Reflexology from my tranquil home practice in central Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton & Esher). Alternatively, if you prefer, a home visit can be arranged.

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