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Support for Natural Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

Reflexology : Aromatherapy in Surbiton, Surrey

Support for Natural Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

I'm very happy to say that I'm seeing clients in person working to strict safety guidelines so do get in touch if you'd like to make an appointment. I shall also continue to offer support and advice through online appointments for those who prefer to stay at home. Please see Treatment Fees section for details
Hello and welcome to my website. I'm a fully qualified and insured Reflexologist and Aromatherapist based in Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton, Esher and Wimbledon).

As well as helping people to manage the many stress related problems emanating from these uncertain times, I am passionate about helping men and women improve their chances of conceiving either naturally or with assisted fertility treatment. I can also support you through pregnancy and with post natal care.

I have 26 years 'hands-on' experience and can help with:
  • assisting issues such as irregular cycles, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, amennorhea.
  • enhancing natural fertility - improving fertility awareness, optimising health, reducing stress
  • support for unexplained and secondary infertility
  • support after pregnancy loss
  • support alongside all phases and forms of IVF treatment
  • support through pregnancy and post natal care
  • support through peri/post menopause

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    Fertility Circle

    I am delighted to be a resident expert for the Fertility Circle as an advocate for Reproductive Reflexology. Fertility Circle is a global community and a platform for anyone experiencing fertility issues. We connect, support and empower people to make the journey that little bit easier.

    "The body contains the inherent ability and intelligence to heal itself provided it is given the opportunity to do so."
    Hippocrates, the 'Father of Medicine'
    460 - 370BC

    My location in Surbiton (2 mins walk from station)

    My practice in Surbiton is easily accessible from Kingston, Thames Ditton, Esher and Wimbledon. I'm based in North Road - a 2 minute walk from Surbiton Station. Plenty of local parking is available.

    My approach

    I work in a sensitive and holistic way considering lifestyle factors, specific symptoms and medical conditions. My treatment plans aim to help underlying conditions, reduce stress and work in subtle yet effective ways to encourage your body to regain its natural rhythm and health, enabling you to feel more relaxed, uplifted and in control wherever you are on your journey.

    I am passionate about sharing well-researched information to encourage you to improve your health and wellbeing and to seek medical help where appropriate.

    If you're having assisted fertility treatment I use structured and prescriptive reflexology protocols to support each phase of the drug treatment cycle that is being undertaken and also to help minimise any side effects.

    Every treatment is tailored to your needs and I’m available for emotional support and guidance in between our sessions. Above all, I provide a tranquil and comfortable space, where you can relax, talk openly or switch off completely.

    If you would like to make an appointment or need any further information please call 020 8399 5416 or 07801 240542 or to send an email Click here

    Appts. available 10am-8pm weekdays
    10am-3pm Saturdays
    Aromatherapy, Reflexology for Natural Fertility, IVF & Pregnancy
    in Surbiton, Surrey (Near Kingston, Thames Ditton, Esher and Wimbledon)

    My treatments are not an alternative to seeing your Doctor or Fertility Consultant. I believe in integrated medicine where the two can work together in harmony - please always inform your medical caregiver that you are seeking my help.


    Reflexology to support IVF Treatment and Pregnancy “Lyn treated me during a cycle of IVF and subsequent pregnancy. I can’t speak highly enough of her and the work that she does. Not only are Lyn’s treatments both relaxing and effective, she also provided expert support and insight in helping me navigate the complex world of fertility. Her warm manner made me feel so comfortable and safe during the often daunting process of IVF. I’d absolutely recommend Lyn, without hesitation.”
    Stef, Barnes

    Fertility Reflexology to assist Polycystic Ovaries and to prepare for IVF "I saw Lyn regularly for 2 years for reflexology to help with my fertility after issues conceiving my second child. I do not have a regular cycle naturally due to polycystic ovaries but Lyn was able to get my cycle into clockwork 6 week cycles - amazing! Lyn assisted while I was on clomid and also when I moved to ivf. From the word go, Lyn was calm and approachable and full of advice. I looked forward to our sessions to chat to Lyn and for relaxation. Lyn is a real expert in her field and was able to advise on books, vitamins etc as well as the reflexology. The reflexology itself was amazing and I always felt super relaxed when I left each session. If you are searching for a reflexologist to help with your fertility journey whether natural or assisted i strongly recommend you have sessions with Lyn."
    Hannah, Surbiton

    Maternity Reflexology to encourage Labour "I just wanted to thank you again after your treatment last Monday, and to let you know that I had my baby Frederick 36 hours later, after a really quick and easy labour - at home, despite being 42 weeks exact!"
    Felicity, Surbiton

    Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I went to see Lyn when I'd been trying to conceive for eight months without success, and home ovulation tests suggested that I wasn't ovulating. I heard that reflexology could help with fertility issues, so I searched for a reflexology in the area and came across Lyn.

    Lyn is warm and friendly, and so invested in her clients. She worked with me closely, tracking my cycle while having regular treatments, and after about a month I started ovulating! It wasn't long after that that I fell pregnant with my little boy.

    Lyn's treatments are incredibly relaxing, and she is so lovely and professional. She is a great listener and incredibly knowledgable, and I always left after a treatment feeling amazing. I continued to see her during my pregnancy and I believe it helped me to stay calm and relaxed throughout. I will definitely be going back to Lyn in the future."

    Mari, Surbiton

    Pregnancy Reflexology "It was such a joy to have discovered Lyn and I looked forward to every session. The chance to fully relax in her capable hands, knowing they were working magic on me, with Lyn's listening ear and caring words an added balm. I really felt heard, held and healed. Thank you Lyn.
    Tee, Long Ditton

    For more testimonials please Click here

    Lyn Franklin TIDHA, MIFPA, MAR, MARR, CNHC Registered Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology in Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton, Esher and Wimbledon)

    I offer support for fertility issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, irregular periods, recurrent miscarriage, unexplained and secondary infertility. I aim to work with you to enhance your natural fertility or I can work alongside all phases of IVF treatment to support and help minimise any side effects of the medication.

    I can work with you from early conception throughout your pregnancy to manage anxiety and alleviate some of the usual ailments plus help your body prepare for the big day - then support you post natally to aid your recovery.

    I can support you through the hormonal ups and downs of peri/post menopause - to help with anxiety and mood swings and other symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia and night sweats.

    I offer Aromatherapy, General Reflexology, Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology from my tranquil home practice in central Surbiton, Surrey (close to Kingston, Thames Ditton, Esher and Wimbledon).

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