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Support for Natural Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

Reproductive Reflexology (ReproflexologyTM)

Support for Natural Fertility and all forms of IVF

"Reflexology is excellent for everyone who is considering getting pregnant, whether you have problems or not. It's a great way to combat stress and ensure that your mind and body is at its best and ready for the forthcoming months."


I am a qualified practitioner in Reproductive Reflexology (ReproflexologyTM), trained by well known holistic fertility expert Barbara Scott of Seren Natural Fertility. Seren specialises in the treatment of infertility, particularly for couples undergoing assisted fertility treatments.

ReproflexologyTM is a form of reflexology that can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with all forms of assisted conception including Metformin, Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI (fresh and frozen cycles) It can also be used to support individuals and couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF.

Complementary therapies such as reflexology work on many levels - on a physical level they can help underlying medical conditions that may be present and they are also excellent at reducing stress. On a psychological level they can have a positive effect on the mental and emotional aspects that may be affecting your fertility.

I find my treatments work in subtle ways to:

  • significantly reduce stress
  • promote a good night's sleep
  • help clients relax and cope better emotionally
  • encourage the body to regain its natural rhythm and health

  • How does Reproflexology work?

    It uses specific and prescriptive treatment protocols to address fertility health for both men and women.

    It aims to normalise and regulate the menstrual cycle ensuring each stage is functioning at its best and deal with female issues such as PMS, irregular cycles, absent cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and more.

    It aims to assist male issues such as sperm quality, varicoceles, hydroceles and more.

    It uses structured and prescriptive treatment protocols to support all forms of assisted fertility treatment.

    Is it just for women?

    Men can also benefit from this wonderful therapy especially if there are known issues - their reproductive health and well-being is just as important when preparing to conceive naturally or for assisted fertility treatment. Sadly men are often overlooked during initial investigations - I feel strongly that men must be included and feel supported.

    What is involved?

    When you book an appoinment I will send a detailed questionnaire for you to complete and return via email, which tells me about your ferility journey so far - we build on this at the initial consultation - which can take place online via Zoom or at my home practice.

    Where possible it is helpful if both partners can attend - the consultation involves taking a full medical and gynaecological history and detailed notes on your diet and lifestyle. It is helpful to see recent blood hormone tests and semen analysis results, if you've had them, as it gives an insight into what may need addressing.

    After carrying out the consultation I am better able to suggest a treatment plan for moving one or both of you forward and i'm available in between treatments offering:

  • support and guidance via email or WhatsApp
  • tips for self care, lifestyle and diet
  • observations on hormone levels and ovulation via basal body temperature charting
  • hand reflexology points to work at home to support and enhance my treatment
  • recommendations for further male and female testing where appropriate
  • referral to other practictioners where appropriate e.g. nutritionist or counsellor/coach

    If you are undertaking conventional fertility treatment it is important that I have a copy of your treatment protocol so I can support you in the best way possible.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Much depends on your individual circumstances, however initially I usually recommend weekly treatments throughout one menstrual and thereafter twice a month to ensure your cycle is functioning well. If there are underlying conditions we may need to continue weekly treatments for a time.

    Whether trying naturally or planning an assisted cycle it is a good idea to start preparing and optimising your health at least 3 months in advance - with specific changes in lifestyle and diet in conjuction with reflexology it is possible to reduce stress and improve hormone levels and the quality of the eggs and sperm being produced.

    Support for IVF Treatment

    Going through an assisted cycle is extremely stressful - daily injections and meds, constant bloods and scans and the knowledge that treatment can be cancelled at any stage - leave alone the financial strains and the inevitable toll these factors can place on relationships. I am here to offer emotional support and a listening ear - I really understand that fertility treatment can sometimes be a very lonely journey.

    My treatments are aimed at reducing stress and anxiety and allowing time and space for relaxation.

    I use structured and prescriptive reflexology protocols to support each phase of the drug treatment cycle that is being undertaken and also to help minimise any side effects.

    I am available in between treatments to discuss progress and offer emotional support, especially during the two week wait when anxiety levels can be highest.

    If your treatment is unsuccessful initially I can continue to work with you on a weekly basis to assist your physical and emotional recovery and then we can work to re-regulate your cycle and prepare for any further treatment.

    Support after pregnancy loss

    Sadly you may have suffered pregnancy loss not once but several times. I find this sadly very common and often women go through the process alone with little or no support. No matter how early the loss it is still a loss of all your hopes and dreams. The physical and emotional trauma can be overwhelming and the resulting anxiety, stress and disappointment may further affect your fertility.

    Reflexology can be hugely supportive during this time - it is incredibly relaxing and calming allowing space and time to heal and treatments can be tailored to help your body recover and to reregulate your cycle for when you feel able to start trying again.

    Treatment Fees

    Reflexology for Natural Fertility, Fertility Issues and IVF support (ReproflexologyTM)

    Initial Consultation only including Fertility Pack
    This includes a full medical and fertility history and taking detailed notes on your lifestyle and diet before deciding on a course of treatment.

    For a single client £90 For a couple £120

    Follow up treatments £60 (60 mins)
    Package of 6 treatments £324 (Payable in advance)

    "I do passionately believe the relaxation that comes from reflexology helps a woman feel less stressed and more able to cope with the emotional ups and downs of trying for a baby. Alot of my clients report that reflexology helps them feel more relaxed, more positive and more in control."

    Appts. available 10am-8.00pm weekdays & 10am-3pm Saturdays

    To make an appointment

    If you'd like to discuss any of the treatments or your particular needs in total confidence, please call me on either my home number 020 8399 5416 or mobile number 07801 240542 - Please leave a message and I will usually get back to you the same day. Alternatively if you'd prefer to email please Click here

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