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Support for Natural Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

Refexology to support IVF (Reproflexology TM)

Reproductive Reflexology can be used to support all forms of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF, ICSI and IMSI. It can also be used to support individuals and couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF cycles.


I aim to help couples to conceive naturally but sadly this is not always possible. If you are planning an assisted cycle it is a good idea to start preparing and optimising your health at least 3 months in advance - with specific changes in lifestyle and diet in conjuction with reflexology it is possible to reduce stress and improve hormone levels and the quality of the eggs and sperm being produced. For this reason it's important to treat both partners, where possible.

Before embarking on IVF it's important to have a thorough understanding of possible underlying conditions for both partners. Your fertility clinic will do various scans and blood hormone tests. They will also do a semen analysis which may reveal basic problems - whether there is enough sperm (Count), whether enough of them are swimming well (Motility) and whether they are formed properly (Morphology) The quality of sperm however can only be assessed by looking at its DNA via a sperm DNA Fragmentation test. The results of this test will determine whether you will have straightforward IVF or whether ICSI or IMSI is required where the sperm is specially chosen for its morphology and motility before being injected into your eggs.

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How I work alongside IVF

I normally use reflexology to encourage the body to balance and work as efficiently as it can, however, when working alongside an assisted cycle I work very differently, using structured and prescriptive reflexology treatment protocols, to support each phase of the drug treatment cycle that is being undertaken and also to help minimise any side effects. It is therefore vital that I have a copy of the IVF protocol being used.

I need to be kept up to date on the results of all blood tests and scans to understand how things are progressing and how you’re responding to treatment, for example, how your ovaries are responding the the stimulation meds and the number of follicles that are growing – this enables me to tailor treatments accordingly to support you as best I can.

I can also treat post egg harvest and before embryo or blastocyst transfer to help ease any discomfort from procedures.

Some of my most valuable work is done during the two week wait when anxiety levels can be highest and it’s so important to keep stress levels to a minimum. All being well I can continue to support you throughout pregnancy with maternity reflexology.

Sometimes IVF treatment isn't always successful first time, however your clinic will have learned alot from your scans, blood tests and responses to the various drugs used and may change things slightly or use different drugs second time around to impove your outcome.

If treatment is unsuccessful I have way of working to assist the body to recover and then we proceed with the pre-conceptual care programme on a weekly basis to re-regulate the cycle and prepare for any further treatment.

Going through an assisted cycle is extremely stressful – daily injections and meds, constant testing and scanning and the knowledge that your treatment can be cancelled at any stage – leave alone the financial strains and the inevitable toll that these factors can place on relationships and your work. I’m able to offer emotional support and a listening ear when possibly no one else around you is aware of what you are going through.

Fertility Reflexology alongside IVF & Maternity Reflexology "I wanted to let you know my good news re the arrival of my baby - she was born in April and is called Ellie. I wanted to thank you for all your support - the treatments and our conversations were so helpful and kept me thinking positively when I really didn’t believe I would ever have a baby. You really listened to me and your bespoke treatment, practical suggestions and insightful advice guided me through a stressful period in my life. I think you were instrumental in helping me to fall pregnant. Thank you so much!” Anna, Surbiton

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