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What is clinical Aromatherapy?

Clinical Aromatherapy is a deeply therapeutic treatment using specific plant extracts, known as essential oils, to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, fruits and woods - each oil has its own unique aroma and distinct therapeutic properties. Through research they have been found to possess stimulant, anti-infectious, ant-inflammatory, uplifting and relaxant properties, amongst others.

The oils can be applied in a variety of ways including massage, ointments, lotions, baths and inhalations. They can also be used in a burner or diffuser at home to motivate, uplift or calm. Combining the benefits of essential oils with those of therapeutic massage offers a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and de-stress.

Appts. available 10am-8.00pm weekdays & 10am-3pm Saturdays

What happens during a treatment?

The skill of Aromatherapy lies in the complex and creative art of blending, using clinical knowledge, experience and intuition, to create a synergy of oils that will work on many levels within the individual to bring mind, body and spirit into balance.

Initially you will have a full consultation where I will ask about your medical history, lifestyle and emotional well-being. This will enable me to select and blend two or three essential oils to suit your specific needs at the time. Future treatments will include a mini consultation to enable me to choose the most suitable essential oils for you. The oils are mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into your skin using a combination of classical massage, lymphatic drainage techniques and acupressure to leave you feeling utterly relaxed and calm. During the massage your privacy will be protected at all times - you'll be completely covered in towels and only the area being worked on at the time will be uncovered.

What benefits may be expected?
  • Relaxes mind and body helping you to de-stress
  • Uplifts, soothes and promotes an overall sense of well-being
  • Relieves the stress and tension of aching muscles
  • "As soon as you walk into Lyn's home an air of tranquility and relaxation hits you and Lyn instantly makes you feel at ease so you are relaxed before she even starts your treatment! I have suffered with various health issues and anxiety, all of which seem to float away when I am having a treatment and the wonderful feeling of calm stays with me a good while."

    Karen, Enfield

    Preconception and fertility issues

    Many of the essential oils have uplifting, calming and harmonising psychological properties which make them particularly helpful if you're having to cope with the emotional ups and downs of trying for a baby. Similarly specific oils have regulating, antispasmodic and stimulating physiological properties which make them invaluable where there is imbalance in the body or spasm, for example with irregular, absent or painful periods. The aim is to always create a blend of essential oils to perfectly suit your emotional and physical needs at the time. I also include massage of the abdominal areas where so much tension can be held - the massage aims to improve blood, lymph and nerve flow and focuses on the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and digestive areas. The very nature of the massage techniques combined with essential oils makes for a deeply calming experience. Additionally, where appropriate I may incorporate specific reflexology techniques when massaging the feet and legs to enhance the overall treatment.

    Pregnancy & post-natal care

    The massage and essential oils will be specially tailored to meet your changing needs. It may be beneficial for many of the usual pregnancy symptoms and ease aches and pains as your body changes. It offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with your body and growing baby. It can offer some much needed 'me-time' once you've had your baby and are adjusting to the pressures whilst your body and menstrual cycle is returning to normal. Additionally, where appropriate I may also combine some reflexology techniques whilst massaging the legs and feet to enhance and bring another dimension to the treatment. Strict safety guidelines are observed in the selection of the essential oils.

    Before and after treatment

    It is best not to have eaten for an hour before and alcohol should be avoided prior to and after treatment. Come wearing clothes that will not be adversely affected by the oils as a light residue will be left on the skin which will be absorbed over the next 24 hours. To gain maximum benefit avoid showering for the next 8 hours and drink plenty of water to aid detoxification. Most people feel very calm and sleepy after a treatment so it is recommended that you do not take a long drive afterwards.

    I also hand make gorgeous Aromatherapy soy wax melts containing blends of pure essential oils - chosen for their therapeutic properties - these are for diffusing in a burner to help in a variety of ways, e.g. to uplift you, to help you to sleep or to concentrate or help calm and relax you. Please call me to discuss your particular requirements and I will be happy to make something to order!

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