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Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology "I first saw Lyn almost 10 months after coming off the contraceptive pill as I was trying to conceive and my periods hadn’t returned. We worked on mirroring what my body should have been doing during a typical menstural cycle. Lyn is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to the female body and our fertility, in addition to focussing our treatments on my reproductive system Lyn was also able to advise me on diet and lifestyle tweaks, and after treating me for a few months my cycle kicked in and I was pregnant the following cycle - something fertility drugs couldn’t even do for us.

I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous 6 month old girl who couldn’t be more perfect. I genuinely believe she was the result of all the work Lyn put in to helping my body naturally heal and remember what it should be doing. I am so in tune with my body now and despite exclusively breastfeeding my daughter my periods (and hopefully my fertility) returned 6 months after her birth.

I can’t recommend Lyn highly enough, she is an absolute expert in her field and also become a good friend and confidante during an incredibly difficult time. She literally made my dreams come true!"

Hayley, Ashtead

Maternity Reflexology to encourage Labour "I just wanted to thank you again after your treatment last Monday, and to let you know that I had my baby Frederick 36 hours later, after a really quick and easy labour - at home, despite being 42 weeks exact!"
Felicity, Surbiton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexlogy "I couldn’t recommend Lyn enough. Not only are her sessions relaxing, Lyn herself is so lovely and supportive you instantly feel at ease and she played an important part in our conception process. I loved my sessions and the chats we would have - she is a great listener, acting as a confidant for myself as she is so dedicated to helping and supporting. Lyn tracked my cycles with me whilst advising and supporting me at each stage. We actually conceived in the first month / cycle into the process (having tried for 5 months) and myself and my husband swear it is because of Lyn’s magical hands and her lovely support whilst allowing me to be relaxed and calm in my day to day. Continuing treatment throughout each trimester was really beneficial for me and allowed me to be calm along the way. Lyn met the fruit of her labour, our daughter Maisie at 3 months and it was lovely to introduce her. I can't thank her enough and will continue to use her services in the future."
Steph, Walton

Pregnancy Reflexology "A friend suggested I reach out to Lyn when I first became pregnant. Being unfamiliar with reflexology I went along to my first session with an open and curious mind. What followed became one of my favourite rituals of my pregnancy. It was such a joy to have discovered Lyn and I looked forward to every session. The chance to fully relax in her capable hands, knowing they were working magic on me, with Lyn's listening ear and caring words an added balm. I really felt heard, held and healed. Thank you Lyn."
Tee, Long Ditton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I went to see Lyn when I'd been trying to conceive for eight months without success, and home ovulation tests suggested that I wasn't ovulating. I heard that reflexology could help with fertility issues, so I searched for a reflexology in the area and came across Lyn.

Lyn is warm and friendly, and so invested in her clients. She worked with me closely, tracking my cycle while having regular treatments, and after about a month I started ovulating! It wasn't long after that that I fell pregnant with my little boy.

Lyn's treatments are incredibly relaxing, and she is so lovely and professional. She is a great listener and incredibly knowledgable, and I always left after a treatment feeling amazing. I continued to see her during my pregnancy and I believe it helped me to stay calm and relaxed throughout. I will definitely be going back to Lyn in the future."

Mari, Surbiton

Fertility Reflexology "Thank you so much for all your advice and support in 2017. Edward arrived in early October and we're enjoying life as a family of four. Your advice and our reflexology sessions got me through some dark times after my miscarriages and ready to conceive and carry our much longed for second child."
Sasha, Long Ditton

Reflexology to support IVF treatment "I just wanted to say Happy Christmas and a big thank you for helping us in getting our fantastic early Christmas present, Evie. She was born 23 Nov and she is magic."
Louisa, Surbiton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I went to Lyn after trying for a baby for a year with no luck. I had already had the usual tests with the dr and there was no reason (according to the gp) why I couldn't conceive naturally but it just wasn't happening. From my first appointment with Lyn I felt at ease. The reflexology sessions were so relaxing and Lyn taught me so much about fertility and what was going on with my body. I cannot recommend Lyn enough for anyone looking for reflexology (especially for fertility issues). She is so kind and was a real support to me during a very tough time. I am now the proud mum to a little boy and I believe Lyn's amazing work is the reason for this. I can't thank her enough and will continue to use her services in the future."
Caroline, Surbiton

Reflexology to prepare for and support IVF Treatment
"I used Lyn for reflexology starting in the autumn of 2015, in order to support a forthcoming round of IVF I was planning with my husband the following year. Our odds of having a baby were extremely low and mentally I was not in a good place. Meeting Lyn and starting treatment with her however was one of the best things that could have happened to me! Lyn is hugely knowledgable about fertility issues and immediately put me at ease when I met her. Lyn explained how she was going to treat me and why she was going to follow the suggested treatment plan, and gave me 'homework' do do between sessions to keep up her good work. Through her treatment Lyn successfully managed to move my ovulation forward in my monthly cycle and gave me ongoing support between sessions. Lyn also knew that I particularly liked being treated at a certain time on a certain day of the week and went out of her way to accommodate this. Lyn went on to support me throughout my round of IVF, successful conception and early stages of pregnancy. My little girl was born in February 2017 and she is a miracle, one that I genuinely believe would not have been possible without Lyn’s support. I would not hesitate to recommend Lyn to anyone."

Lucy, Thames Ditton

Fertility Reflexology to support IVF & Pregnancy Reflexology "I wanted to let you know my good news re the arrival of my baby - she was born in April and is called Ellie. I wanted to thank you for all your support - the treatments and our conversations were so helpful and kept me thinking positively when I really didn’t believe I would ever have a baby. You really listened to me and your bespoke treatment, practical suggestions and insightful advice guided me through a stressful period in my life. I think you were instrumental in helping me to fall pregnant. Thank you so much!”
Anna, Surbiton

Reflexology labour preparation “I came to Lyn when was 41 weeks pregnant and was going to be induced. I was told that reflexology may help things moving naturally. However, it is not proven that it definitely helps but I found that treatment extremely helpful. Firstly, Lyn was very kind and caring, she asked me few questions about how I feel physically and emotionally, I was anxious about life change with a baby and she found right words to encourage me and made me feel calmer. I see that reflexology is not just foot massage, it is also a conversation that cheers you up. As soon as Lyn touched my feet I realised that I know what I will do in my 'me time' when I will get it.
Her home was warm and comfortable and music... oh I loved the music! I told Lyn that music is amazing and unbelievable in couple of days she dropped a CD with the music to my mailbox. I find it extremely kind of her, Lyn is definitely going extra mile to please her clients.
Just would like to say thank you Lyn for being such a great host and absolute professional”

Jevgenija, Surbiton

Fertility Reflexology to support IVF treatment "I just wanted to let you know that we had our little boy Jamie in October. We couldn't be happier with him and all our dreams have come true. Thank you so much for all your advice and sessions during my IVF treatment, I know that this definitely contributed to our success and I am extremely grateful for your support. I never did manage to continue my sessions during my pregnancy, it became quite challenging and I struggled juggling all the various weekly appointments that I needed but I have no doubt that if we did decide to go through IVF again I will be in touch."
Rosie, Surbiton

Reflexology labour preparation "Your magic did the trick and baby was in position and hormones settled by Friday. Aidan arrived safe and sound via water birth after a 3 and half hr labour at 22:31 on the 12th March 2017. Weighing in at 7lbs 4 ounces. Thanks so much for your help and sure I will be in touch in the future."
Lisa, Esher

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "After 2 early miscarriages within a few months of each other and being told by the Drs they won't investigate until after 3, I knew I wanted to take things into my own hands and decided to look into natural therapies. I am SO pleased that I found reflexology and Lyn in particular. Lyn advised taking 3 months off trying for a baby to let the body recover and settle, and I had regular reflexology during this time. The appointments in the comfort of Lyn's home were very relaxing, she was a good listener and it became a time to focus on me. She also helped me recognise where I could adjust my lifestyle to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy. And 2 months after we started trying again I found out I was pregnant and I now have a beautiful baby boy! I continued reflexology throughout my pregnancy and I believe this helped manage my hormones, reduce any pregnancy symptoms and keep my energy levels up. I had a natural labour with only gas & air, and our little boy is doing great with feeding and sleeping...long may it last! I'd recommend Lyn to anyone wanting to explore a natural route to pregnancy before seeking out the medical options."
Louise, Surbiton

Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology I received reflexology for fertility over a year ago now and this has been the first opportunity for me to provide feedback. I commenced my journey with Lyn back in March 2015 and had been trying to conceive in excess of 5 years, the Dr said that I would not be able to conceive naturally and if I did fall pregnant, the baby would be ectopic so this was my last shot as I didn't want to go down the IVF route. I'd never done any reflexology before but new that I wanted to try complimentary therapy before I gave up hope.

Lyn without doubt made me feel like an individual, her non judgmental personable caring nature enabled me to open up fully about how I was feeling - and she treated me holistically. During the treatment I could really feel the areas that Lyn was working on and I was able to feel completely relaxed, she was able to identify the stress that I had been carrying for years.

She monitored me throughout various cycles, and was able to inform me about what was going on and taught me how to regulate my ovulation day as my cycles varied from 28 to 36 days. My situation was complicated with fibroids, Lyn never made it feel like conception was an insurmountable journey - instead she provided education for both me and my husband's diet and lifestyle - to shrink the fibroids and advised how to produce healthy eggs and sperm.

Like I said my journey started in Mar 2015 and by June 2015 I had my first ever positive pregnancy test! I write this as I watch my 5 month old son lay asleep. I can't thank you enough Lyn for not giving up on me and being responsible for the little miracle that lay before me. Thank You

Abi, Kingston

Fertility Reflexology "I wanted to share some happy news with you. I'm pregnant! Baby is due at the end of September. Thank you for the lovely reflexology sessions. I'm sure they helped prepare my body for pregnancy."
Sarah, Surbiton

Fertility Reflexology for male partner "My wife had been seeing Lyn for recurrent miscarriages and after she had been given the all clear both privately and on the NHS, Lyn advised us to get my sperm tested privately for DNA defragmentation. As this is not currently recognised or offered on the NHS, we thought hard about Lyn’s advice, but in the end decided to proceed and this did come back with negative results. Lyn was convinced this was the cause of our miscarriages and advised us (and me in particular) to make a number of simple lifestyle changes (eg better diet, no caffeine, no beer etc) and have reflexology weekly for 10-12 weeks as this is how long it takes for sperm to regenerate fully. We followed her advice and the first month we tried for a baby (after the 12 weeks was complete) we fell pregnant and are now 22 weeks pregnant. My wife has been seeing Lyn on and off since 2012 and she provides sound, well researched advice and takes great care in all her clients. She also provides a very homely, tranquil environment in which to have the treatments. I would certainly recommend Lyn to others as by the end of my treatment I felt totally relaxed and much healthier."
Ian, Surbiton

Aromatherapy & Reflexology "I just wanted to say thank you very much for today! My mum really enjoyed her AromaReflex treatment and came out upbeat yet relaxed, so thank you! I think it's done her a world of good, we will be back!"
Tracie, Surbiton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I started coming to see Lyn in April 2012. I will admit I was slightly sceptical but willing to try anything to help with our efforts to have a baby. Two years later and many, MANY appointments later, I have a beautiful 9 month old daughter and I am pregnant again! I cannot thank Lyn enough. The constant reflexology sessions have not only helped with my cycle but also my pregnancies. Lyn is a wonderful reflexologist but she is also so easy to talk to which enables you to confide in her. With all my friends falling pregnant at the drop of a hat I didn't feel comfortable talking to them about our struggles to have a baby and the fertility tests but Lyn was so supportive, helpful and incredibly kind. I think my favourite appointment has to be when I told Lyn I was pregnant for the first time - she was so happy for me and I really felt like she had been there every step of the way!"
Kate, Surbiton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to anything that might be considered an "alternative therapy" but having had a missed miscarriage and ERPC during my first pregnancy, I decided to try reflexology. I got pregnant again within a couple of months of starting sessions with Lyn and continued regular visits during my pregnancy. I found it particularly helpful during the first trimester when my anxiety levels were highest but I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant. Lyn is totally professional in her approach and it quickly became obvious how much experience she has in her field as well as a lovely manner. Let's just say any cynicism I had about reflexology is long gone! I still visit Lyn for a relaxing treat but with a five month old son, it's not as regularly as I would like!"
Catherine, Surbiton

Pregnancy Reflexology "I won't be coming to see you on Friday because I had my daughter Felicity yesterday morning! I really believe you helped bring on the labour and left me feeling relaxed and confidant on Monday so that when the contractions started that evening I felt strong. Start to finish labour was 13 hours and I had the water birth with just gas and air that I wanted - thank you for helping me to achieve that. I will recommend you to everyone I know!"
Emma, East Molesey

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "I first visited Lyn in April 2013 to help with my irregular periods in the hope to help get pregnant. After only one visit my periods came back having not had one for over a year! I have continued to visit Lyn since and to our delight got pregnant in December 2013. Lyn was great throughout my pregnancy helping with morning sickness and relaxation. My last visit to Lyn resulted in me giving birth the next day to a healthy baby boy in a short and speedy 6 hour labour! There is no question that Lyn helped me throughout and I would recommend anyone at any point of their pregnancy journey to visit her"
Amy, Surbiton

Reflexology to support IVF Treatment "Having made the decision to have IVF treatment, I wanted to give it the best shot possible. I’d done some research and heard that reflexology was beneficial in a number of ways. I found Lyn Franklin on the internet and as soon as I met her, knew I had found the right person to support me through treatment.

Lyn took the time to find out all about my situation and explained exactly what reflexology was and how it could help me. She patiently answered all my questions and tailored all her advice to me and my situation.

The treatment itself was fantastic! Incredibly relaxing and allowed me to totally zone out and clear my mind of all the pressures you find yourself under while going through this treatment. With every visit, Lyn would take time to find out how I was and what I needed from that treatment. I was also able to book a couple of aromatherapy back massages with Lyn, which I would highly recommend. She tailors the oils used to you and your specific circumstances and gives a fantastic massage that gets right into the muscles.

My visits to Lyn became a vital part of my treatment. Aside from the physical benefits and the ability to totally relax, I found a confidante in Lyn. I was able to tell her things I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone else and I always left feeling like a weight had been lifted. Knowing the emotional demands IVF treatment places on you, I can’t imagine having gone through this without having Lyn at my side.

Happily, my treatment worked on my second cycle, but my visits to Lyn will continue throughout my pregnancy and probably beyond."

Suzanne, Kingston

Pregnancy Reflexology and labour preparation "I didn't get my water birth, there wasn't time in the end it all happened so fast but the breathing techniques we spoke about helped me through most of it and I just had a bit of gas and air towards the end so much better than the first time round. Thank you so much for all your help in the lead up."
Kath, Kingston

AromaReflex Thanks for wonderful relaxing Aromatherapy & Reflexology sessions, we loved it."
Miguel & Liz, Motspur Park

Pregnancy Reflexology "Thank you for your card and thank you so much for the lovely treatments towards the end of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed the calm and peaceful environment you created. I gave birth naturally without any pain relief to Edward on 9th May. I think your treatments very much helped me think positively about pregnancy and labour. I look forward to some post birth treatments. With many thanks."
Lisa, Esher

Pregnancy Reflexology/Labour preparation "Absolutely over the moon to tell you that baby Amber arrived this morning at 10:02. I had some contractions last night but then went to sleep. I woke up at 4am and sat on my ball, contractions started pretty soon. They suddenly got stronger at 9:15, we got in the car at 9:45. I almost gave birth in the car park! Thank you so much for working your magic. So grateful."
Louisa, Kingston

Aromatherapy "I just want to say thank you for the aromatherapy massage, the weight of my shoulders is gone and I feel much better now! Thank you very much."
Ivi, Surbiton

Pregnancy Reflexology "I started seeing Lyn when I was three months pregnant and still suffering from morning sickness, a poor immune system and generally feeling quite run down. My pregnancy continued without any complications, and even the labour was relatively straightforward. I put this largely down to regular reflexology with Lyn. I cannot recommend Lyn enough, not only is she a very experienced practitioner, but also a very thoughtful and caring person, with you throughout your pregnancy journey. An hours reflexology with her is heaven, and continues to be my one treat I so look forward to!"
Sarah, Surbiton

Aromatherapy "As soon as you walk into Lyn's home an air of tranquility and relaxation hits you and Lyn instantly makes you feel at ease so you are relaxed before she even starts your treatment! I have suffered with various health issues and anxiety, all of which seem to float away when I am having a treatment and the wonderful feeling of calm stays with me a good while."
Karen, Enfield

Pregnancy Reflexology "Thank you for all the treatments that helped us through pregnancy and birth! Have been recommending reflexology to all mums we meet."
Rachel, Surbiton

Pregnancy Reflexology "Harry came into the world on Saturday morning weighing a generous 10lb 3.5oz! Thank you for all your support and reflexology leading up to the birth. I managed to give birth naturally and without an epidural so I'm pretty sure that was down, in part, to you."
Alice, Esher

Pregnancy Reflexology "Thanks for the wonderful sessions, they saved me in those last few weeks!"
Emily, Surbiton

Fertility Reflexology "I started seeing Lyn as we are having fertility issues and it is an hour of total relaxation! Although I'm not pregnant yet, I am certain that we will be successful soon."
Emma, Hampton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "Just a quick note to thank you so much for your kind and sensitive manner during the time I saw you for reflexology - I truly believe the sessions helped me to relax and focus and eventually conceive our son - Many thanks for your support and friendship."
Laura, Surbiton

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "Being 37 and having been on the pill for a long time, I approached Lyn because I thought it might be beneficial to have a 'natural' treatment to help me whilst trying for a baby and it was! Lyn was flexible about appointments (which initially I had every fortnight) and the atmosphere in her home was warm and inviting. She was able to pick up some of my existing health concerns and worked on those as well as with my reproductive system. I continued to see Lyn throughout my pregnancy which was uncomplicated and resulted in the natural birth of my delightful daughter Scarlet in April! Aside from being a thoroughly relaxing experience, Lyn made me feel welcome, valued and special."
Kari, Mitcham

General Reflexology "Lyn is such a caring person with a high professional working standard. I really look forward to having my monthly reflexology sessions with her as it helps to keep my inner self peaceful and my body restful."
Kunle, Wimbledon

General Reflexology "15 years of reflexology with Lyn has been a lovely experience - you walk on air. I've found that reflexology has particularly improved my sinuses and general wellbeing. As an eighty year old it also helps me with my balance and other physical things such as yoga."
John, Chelsea

Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology "We had our first child easily but after six years were finding it hard to get pregnant again and my GP couldn't find a reason other than stress which was very frustrating. A friend recommended reflexology to help me relax so I had a regular session with Lyn. I not only found it very calming but felt I was doing something positive for myself. After seven months I conceived and went on to have a baby girl and still have reflexology to keep myself feeling well."
Penny, Surbiton

Aromatherapy "A visit to Lyn is like going on a mini-holiday! I feel instantly relaxed and the oils smell wonderful. I come back feeling renewed and ready to face the world."
Sue, Surbiton

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